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2018 Annual Farmers Market Association Meeting;
 March 24th, 2018
Time:  1 pm
Location: Stevens Point Public Library in the "Pinery Room" at 1001 Main Street

  • Assign open stalls
  • Farmshed update.
  • Election of two board members

    Note to board members.  We will meet prior to meeting.



2015 Annual Farmers Market Association Meeting;

Date:  March 28th, 2015

Time: 9:30 a.m.   

Location: Stevens Point Public Library in the "Pinery Room" at 1001 Main Street

Agenda to date is as follows:

o Presentation from Glean Central Wisconsin (This is the group that collects your extra produce and distributes it to the needy)

o Presentation from Ashley Chrisinger with the FVRx program

o Presentation from Kristi M. Cooley with the WIC and Senior voucher program.

o Presentation from Krista Engelhardt and/or Layne Cozzolino from Central Rivers Farmshed. (Note: EBT application should be returned to the Farmshed address listed on that application.)

o Presentation from Tricia Church with the City of Stevens Point.

o Farmers Market update.

2014 Annual Farmers Market Association Meeting;

Date:  March 29th,2014

Time: 12:00 noon  - 4:45 or until meeting ends, if earlier.

Location: Stevens Point Public Library in the "Pinery Room" at 1001 Main Street

Stevens Point Farmers Market Association 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes


{C}·        {C}Date: March 29th , 2014

{C}·        {C}Time:  12:00 noon until 4:45 PM or completion of meeting, if earlier.

{C}·        {C}Location:   Stevens Point Library in the “Pinery Room”

{C}·        {C}Member applications must be filled out and returned prior to meeting.  (only active members can vote)

{C}·        {C}$10 donation should be paid when application is sent in.

{C}o       {C}Checks should be made out to “Dan Mielke”.  (Note: we cannot cash checks made out any other way)  Send completed application to Dan Mielke, 2550 County Road II, Rudolph, WI 54475.       

{C}·        {C}Chris Malek will no longer be on the board as he has quit farming.  If you would like to run for his position, please contact Dan Mielke prior to the meeting.

{C}·        {C}Joan Arnold is also up for re-election.  She is willing to serve again.  If you still wish to run for her position, please let Dan Mielke know also.

{C}·        {C}In order to vote at this meeting you must have been a member of the Stevens Point Farmers market and sold in 2013 & returned your application and fee for 2014.

{C}·        {C}Agenda to date is as follows:   Meeting minutes in red

{C}o       {C}Presentation from Suzanne Oehlke.   Suzanne told us she was no longer working with the Health Dept and now with Portage County Can.  She is still involved with nutrition and will be visible at the Market.  The members thanked her for her service.

{C}o       {C}Presentation from Kristi M. Cooley with the WIC and Senior voucher program.  Kristi is new WIC and Sr voucher program manager.  She can be reached at 715-345-5775.  Last year’s redemption rate was 58%.  If you are interested in selling at the Gilfry building sign up with Kristi and she will notify you of selling days.  A member pointed out that there may be “mystery” shoppers at the Market to ensure complance with WIC and Sr voucher program rules.  

{C}o       {C}Presentation from Krista Engelhardt  from  Central Rivers Farmshed. (Note:   EBT application should be returned to the Farmshed address listed on that application.)  Farmshed application needs to be filled out each year of vending.  Double value days will continue based on success in past.  Central City Credit Union will help sponsor double value days.  A big Thank You to Central City Credit Union!  Chef on the Square will be the 1st Saturday of every month.  Each 3rd Saturday music will be provided.

{C}o       {C}Presentation from Tricia Church with the City of Stevens PointWeek day vendor parking has reverted back to original parking:  Your specific space is reserved til 6:30 a.m. and thereafter it is first come first park.  Any available space will  be usable.  Only one vendor vehicle is allowed for parking on the square.  There will be new signs designating the Farmer’s Market.  One on the West Side will have an “Open” and “Closed” signage that every 1st and last vendor will have to either change to designate that the Market is either Open or Closed.  It will be important that the first and last vendors make this sign change to be usable for the public.  Hopefully this will enhance public attendance at the Market.  Vendors please remember to adjust the sign  so we gain confidence with our customers.  Vendors failing to do so will be subject to fine.  Monday Night Market:  Vendors:  let one of the Board Members know when you want to start selling on Monday Night;  this way publicity can be done to advertise appropriately.  

{C}o       {C}Farmers Market update.  Sales Tax:  If you sell cut flowers, candy, hanging baskets, perennials, or any other item that requires collection of sales tax you must fill out the appropriate State forms and collect and forward any sales tax owed.  The St Pt Market will be enforcing these rules.   Last year’s 2013 Budget income and expenditures was discussed.  Minimum pricing was reviewed.  Other Issues:  Last year’s minutes were available and provided for review.   The use of bee traps was discussed.  Pickle Bill is still the only bill that allows for selling of certain items not made in a commercial kitchen.  The new Farmshed Atlas is not available for distribution.   If any vendor is interested in advertising their farm in next year’s Atlas should contact Farmshed.  Anyone interested in taking advantage of any program in the new Farm Bill should contact their local county US Dept of Agriculture FSA or NRCS agent.   Fines will still be one of the enforcement measures used this year to ensure vendor compliance with our rules and policies. 

{C}o       {C}Election of officers   Joan Arnold was reelected for a two year term.  David Slowinski was elected as a new member for a two year term.

{C}o       {C}Meeting was adjourned approximately 2:30 p.m.


See you at the market!


Stevens Point Farmers Market Association Board

Joan Arnold, Daniel Mielke, David Slowinski, Nahouea Xiong, Jose Zaragosa

See you at the market!


Stevens Point Farmers Market Association Board

Joan Arnold, Daniel Mielke, David Slowinski, Nahouea Xiong, Jose Zaragosa

2013 Annual Farmers Market Association Meeting

Date:   March 30, 2013

Time:  12:30-2:30 P.M.

Location: Stevens Point Public Library in the "Pinery Room" at 1001 Main Street

Agenda  & Minutes of the meeting

  • WIC and Senior Voucher Program update by Suzanne Oehlke:

Rules of both programs were discussed.  Seniors use 90% of vouchers and WIC use 56%.  Looking for ways to increase usage, publicity.  Possibly in Human Resources parking lot a market on Tues/Thurs.   Seniors will have 25% less available this year.  Reminder that confidentiality is a must with both programs; must have trained people at stand who know the rules about both program; and that you are not discriminatory in who you sell to.

Public Health:  Environmental specialists will do more inspections at the market.  If you provide product samples you must have hand wash and sneeze guards.  Must follow rules of sampling.  If you plan on selling mushrooms need to assure you are a recognized expert in the field, research or schooling, and need to verify. Pickle law:  need to label appropriately with ingredients listed and name and address of seller and follow rules in handout provided.

  • EBT/Farmshed Update by Krista.    Will only be available on Saturdays due to loss of funding.  Possibly evening market also if a volunteer assists.  Reminder to turn in tokens at the end of each month.  First Saturday of each month they will partner with local business for education piece.
  • UW Extension Farm Market Survey Results by Sherry Daniels.  The vendor and customer surveys conducted last season was reviewed.  The vendors thanked the UW Extension office for conducting the survey.
  • Update from the City of Stevens Point by Tricia Church.  Monday evening markets are officially approved.  New vendors must be from within radius of now 30 miles of Stevens Point (was previously 60 miles).  Reminder that vendors cannot block walkways with their setup. 
  • Correction of bylaws to include new ordinance changes:

Ordinance changed to include Monday night market:  bylaws changed as no one objected.

Ordinance changed from 60 mile to 30 mile radius:  bylaws changed as no one objected.

  • Seeking approval of $10 fine for lesser violations committed by vendors.  If approved , this will be added to rules and bylaws.  After discussion and after an amendment to give a warning first which did not carry; the approval for a $10 fine for a lessor violation i.e. price violation, the change was approved by hand vote.  There was no objection.  The bylaws will be changed accordingly. 
  • Election of Officers:  Daniel Mielke, Naohouea Xiong, and Jose Zarragosa were reelected to the board for 2 years. 

A vendor provided a proposed listing of board member duties for consideration. 

A vendor requested that in the future meeting should be avoid Easter weekend.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Word Document  2012 Annual Farmers Market Association Meeting agenda

2012 Annual Farmers Market Association Meeting

Date:   April 14th

Time:  12:45-4:45 P.M.

Location: Stevens Point Public Library in the "Pinery Room"

Agenda  & Minutes of the meeting

  • Update from 2011 market season
  • Rules and Regulations clarifications
    • Buying and selling of produce  It was explained that buying and selling of Produce is not allowed except from another vendor who sells at this market. 
    • Buying produce from other vendors at the market. It was also explained that this is to only be done to fill a void due to crop failure or an unexpected shortage by a vendor who normally sells that particular product.  The reason this is allowed is so that vendor can meet the needs of his  customers during his hardship..
    • Filling out applications completely  The importance of filling out the applications was explained. It was noticed that contact information was not accurate on some applications.
    • Pricing of vegetables  and Container sizesMinimum mark up law was briefly explained.  Minimum pricing was in place to prevent  unfair competition by some who used unfair price reductions to drive out competition.   Farmers can charge what they wish as long as it is at or above minimum cost of production.   It was also brought up that some vendors were selling produce in containers that were misrepresented as quart, pints, and bushels.   Proper sized containers were shown and explained.
    • Week day set up rules  Rules for selling during the week were clarified.  The city has limited the size of the market to a smaller area than what is used on Saturdays.  Seniority still applies for those stalls.
  • Discussion and possible action regarding location of market  Farmers decided to take no action on a previous desire to seek another location for the market.  City has no intention to charge vendors at present location this year.
  • Discussion and possible action regarding other event which could potentially be held at market location which would disrupt the farmers market on that day.  Members expressed a desire their Liaison to the City ask  the city  to please refrain from scheduling additional or new events on Saturdays.   Saturdays are a major sales day for the farmers and scheduling other events at the Market on those days would make it difficult for farmers to market their wares thus severely hurting their annual incomes. They also asked that we ask the city to not schedule existing events till after 2:30 P.M. on Saturday.
  • Discussion and possible action on 7 day a week market verses 3 day a week.  (Vendors are concerned that there is not enough traffic for a 7 day market to be viable.  Reducing it to a three day a week market  would hopefully increase customer traffic on those three days allowing the farmers to spend the other days working on their crops.  Suggested days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays.  Hopefully the City would then schedule  other events on those days we are not there instead of  our busy Saturday market day) There was discussion  but no action was taken to change from the present 7 days a week market
  • Brief discussion to see if there is interest in an evening market.  Membership voted to have the board work with the city to allow an evening market.  Monday and Wednesdays were preferred with Wednesday being the top choice.
  • Election of officers  Chris Malek and Joan Arnold were elected to serve on the board for 2 years.
  • WIC and Senior Voucher program  services presentation by Suzanne Oehlke   Suzanne Oehlke gave a update  regarding last year and what is planned for this year with the WIC program and The Senior program.  The vendors expressed their appreciation for her efforts.
  • EBT  presentation  Applications were accepted and Layne  Cozzolino gave an update on last year EBT program and what to expect for this year
  • Discussion and Collection of 2012 vendors contracts and  contributions 

A vendor brought up the fact that some vendors were selling taxable items at the market without applying for a Sales tax permit and that they were not charging tax.  The board said they would check into this violation and do what was necessary to insure compliance.

Meeting was adjourned

Thank You

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Stevens Point Farmers Market Association,  Care of Dan Mielke, 2550 County Road II, Rudolph, WI 54475 

(Email:   Phone:  715-344-4104)

This website is paid for and published as public courtesy by Dan Mielke, Market manager and vendor.